Girls enjoy talking about their crushes any day of the week, any hour of the day. Us seventeen-year-olds were no different. Even I couldn’t resist gushing about my newest crush. Seun.

“He’s just so tall,” I sighed deeply, looking at my best friend’s reflection in the mirror of the church bathroom. I combed fingers through my permed hair and smiled, imagining my crush. “He’s got such broad shoulders and his back…”

Bestie laughed. “Your fascination for backs is so weird.”

“You can tell by a man’s back whether he’s strong and dependable…” Even I burst out laughing as I said that, and the two of us giggled at our foolishness.

“You should just tell him.”

“Are you crazy?” I frowned. “In case you forgot, I’m not allowed to even look at guys much less tell them how I feel.”

She eyed me dubiously. “Did your dad really say that?”

“Well, not in those words but yes… I can’t have a boyfriend, so why tell him how I feel?” I exhaled a harsh breath. “Let’s just leave it alone.”

Bestie shrugged and shook her hands free of moisture. “What else do you like about Seun anyway, besides his back and shoulders…?”

I flicked water at her and she laughed, ducking away.

The sound of flushing halted our laughter. Wide eyed, we glanced at each other in surprise. The whole time we thought we were alone in the bathroom.

As a door squeaked open, we stopped ourselves from peeking around the corner. The woman stepped out from behind the wall and approached the sink. Bestie (or maybe it was I) gasped aloud, recognizing her instantly. Seun’s mother.

Mortified, I grappled for what to say while Bestie politely greeted her.

She merely grunted a reply and her eyes met mine in the mirror. I read judgment in her stern face and felt instant shame for carrying on about her son.

Grabbing my bag, I mumbled my greeting and dashed out the bathroom.

To my eternal gratitude, Seun’s mother never once mentioned my embarrassing behavior and Seun was none the wiser. My crush on him started and ended without further incidents… thankfully.

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