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My Beloved City

Posted on 29/08/2017

prayingforhoustonMy heart is aching for this city I call home. I left for two years, fell in love all over again and couldn’t wait to be back home! I must’ve danced my happiest dance the minute my plane landed a year ago, for good. There was and will never be a place like home; like Houston. I longed to be home where my heart was, the city that welcomed me and my family more than 19 years ago. We arrived in Houston just as a tornado touched down and I was terrified. Almost asked my parents if we could go back… but I soon discovered why so many immigrants like my family had come to call this beautiful city their own. It’s full of color, culture, love and a whole lot of heart. Houston is family.

Houstonians are not only hospitable but compassionate folks. We are capable of doing anything for those we call our own. If you’re a Houstonian, you’re fam. And we’ve got resilience to face any trial, together! Never mind what they say about our crazy driving and awful traffic, we’re still got that Southern charm through it all.

So when a persistent and pesky hurricane, terrifying tornadoes (and daunting warnings/watches), and more than 900 million gallons of water rushes our streets and floods the homes, businesses and hospitals, we’ve got the grit to make it through this. Thank you to the courageous and selfless volunteers, rescue workers and citizens who give of themselves for their neighbors. Good Samaritans that you are, your blessing will come in throes! And Houston, we will make it through. Slowly perhaps, but surely.

God help us all.

AITC – The Pilot Episode

Posted on 08/04/2017

It’s finally here!

The Pilot Episode: Meet Mawusi (Mawa) and her friends, including bestie Adanma, as they meet for the reunion dinner.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think Adanma’s reactions to her classmates in defense of Mawa are justified? What about with Daren?
  2. If you were in Mawa’s shoes, how would you have responded to classmates then and now?
  3. Have you ever faced any of the struggles mentioned so far? How did you cope?
  4. What are your views on Mawa’s classmates? All harmless fun, or straight-up mean?

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Stay tuned for Episode 2! 🙂

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