Samina’s Chance

What happens when you’ve reached a certain age and nothing seems to be going the way you planned it? Ever felt like you have no sense of direction or little achievements to call your own. Well, you’re not alone. Follow Samina Wells on her journey to finding herself and understanding God’s purpose for her life in this drama/novel.

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The Wells Family

Gabriel Wells – Patriarch of Wells family. Doting husband/father.

Deidre Wells – Wife of Gabriel. Overprotective and kind mother to Samina, Karen and Obadiah.

Samina Wells – 30, first daughter of Deidre and Gabriel. Unaccomplished artist.

Karen Wells – 24, sister of Samina, nursing student.

Obadiah Wells – 18, brother to Samina and Obadiah.

The Dames Family

Jeremiah Dames – Father of Ezekiel and childhood friend of Gabriel Wells.

Sheena Dames – Wife of Jeremiah and best friend of Deidre Wells, mother to Ezekiel

Ezekiel Dames – 33, widowed father of two girls, Samina’s childhood friend and unrequited love

Winsome Dames – Ezekiel’s deceased wife

Adelaide Dames – Ezekiel and Winsome’s nine-year-old daughter

Beulah Dames – Ezekiel and Winsome’s five-year-old daughter

The Chance Family

Topher Chance – 34, geologist, Jaxson’s best friend

Odetta Chance – Topher’s deceased mother

Nadine Chance – Odetta’s identical twin and Topher’s aunt.

Other Characters

James Albran – Ezekiel’s best friend and business partner.

Ada Wooden – Samina’s best friend since college

Jaxson Dumas– Ada’s fiancé and Topher’s best friend since college