Productivity vs. Performance

Posted on 18/12/2021

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Executives and managers alike tend to confuse productivity with performance. Some consider both terms as interchangeable or synonymous when they are not. But before I explain the relevance of these dissimilar terms in a workplace, allow me to define each.

Productivity, according to a business dictionary, is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, or system that converts inputs into useful outputs. Performance is defined as the accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed. In other words, productivity is the quantity of work while performance is the quality.

Understanding the difference between the two as it relates to employees in a company will allow for a better, more efficient work environment. At least, executives and managers would understand what expectations they are communicating to their employees.

When companies use these terms interchangeably, the employee is often accused…

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Chasing Truth: Chapter 51

Posted on 24/07/2020

Café 29 - Cheekwood Estate & Gardens | Nashville, Tennessee

Janey’s cafe was packed. The party was in full swing. Sakina’s inhabitants always found something to celebrate. Leo quickly turned Tyler’s return into one of those reasons.

“I don’t know, man. I got worried you might not come back.” Leo grinned at Mari over his cup. “Then again, I should’ve known better. You’ve got some strong motivation.”

Mari rolled her eyes but leaned into Tyler’s hold. 

“You’ve got that right,” Tyler said with a smile that rivaled Leo’s. “I missed my girl. I’m always going to come back for her.” His last words were delivered as he looked into her eyes and squeezed her shoulder.

His words were far too serious and she needed to lighten the mood. “Promises, promises,” she teased. 

“I’m back, aren’t I? I’ve proven myself.”

“Just like a man. You do something one little time and want all the praise.”

“Take it back, woman.” He shook her, making her laugh and burrow into his side. 

“And there’s the fragile ego.” She wrestled free, laughing even harder.

“I’ll leave you to handle that,” Leo said patting Tyler’s back. “We’re going to get a game going later though. Be ready.”

Tyler nodded even as he caught Mari around the waist. “I’ll be ready.”

Mari tipped her head back to look at him. “Can your ego handle two losses?”

Her laughter was swallowed by his kiss. It wasn’t gentle. Hungry. Deep. Fierce. Definitely not gentle. Weeks ago, she would’ve been lost in that kiss. Now, she had to force herself not to wonder if Reese was watching and, instead, concentrate on kissing Tyler back. His hand cupped her neck with his thumb tracing along her jaw.

“Are you being a brat because you missed me?” Tyler asked when he finally lifted his head. 


“I’m not planning on leaving you again for a while.”

“Good,” she murmured and leaned into him once more.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead as he pulled his phone from his pocket. Again. He’d been doing it for half of the evening. 

“Is everything okay back at home?” Mari asked, covering his hand at her hip with hers.

He looked up at her. “Yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Good. Then put this down,” she encouraged, taking his phone and setting it on the table beside her bag, “and come dance with me.”

She caught his other hand and pulled him toward the makeshift dance floor before he could protest. He glanced back at his phone even as she kept tugging him along.

“No one’s going to take it,” she promised. “C’mon, you were gone for forever. I need attention.”

“It felt like it,” he agreed. Pulling her in close, he walked them into the crowd of dancers. “Missed you. Too much. I’ll give you all the attention you can handle.”

“You’re making an awful lot of promises tonight,” she taunted again. 

Her laughter died as he brought them to a stop, claiming her mouth again. Distance definitely seemed to have made Tyler’s heart fonder. He was touching or kissing her since his return to the island. She hadn’t been prepared for that when she promised Reese she could handle it, but she had no choice but to go with it. She returned the kiss before slowly drawing back even as she draped her arms over his shoulders.

“Show me your best moves.”

The crooked grin she once adored peeked out. “Challenge accepted.”

No sooner than he said the words, he swept her up in a dance. They danced to so many songs, she lost count. Finally, the tempo of the music slowed and he drew her close. 

“How’s that for best moves?”

“You did alright,” she said a bit breathlessly as she rested her hands against his chest.

“Brat.” He dipped his head, intending to kiss her. 

“Yo, Tyler! Game time!” one of the men called out.

Tyler dropped his head farther, pressing his forehead to Mari’s.

She heaved a dramatic sigh. “Go on. I knew I couldn’t hog you the whole night.”

“You’re so generous,” he praised with a quick peck to her lips. “Be right back.”

She waved him off and wandered toward the tables where food and drink were set up. Reese stood nearby in conversation with Raoul. His gaze rested on her. He was discreet, but she knew she was never out of his sight. With a flash of a smile to assure him all was fine, she snagged a plate to fill with desserts. 

She bit into a brownie as she made her way over to Reese just as Allie was pulling Raoul away. She waved to them both then focused on Reese. Her brow wrinkled at the coolness of his expression.

“Are you having fun?” he asked.

“Janey outdid herself. We’re going to need a to-go plate.” She offered her plate to him.

“No thanks.”

She didn’t lower the plate. “Seriously. Try something. You’ll hurt Janey’s feelings if you don’t.”

“Janey’s?” he challenged so softly she almost didn’t hear it. He picked up a cookie, though, and she had to bite her lip to hide the smile.

“You know, we didn’t finish our conversation the other day,” she found the courage to say.

He paused with the cookie at his lips. “This isn’t exactly the time for that,” he said and took another bite.

“I guess I’m just wondering if we’re going to find the time.”

They locked eyes. 

“Hey you two,” Julia called as she and Leilani approached. 

Mari bit back a frustrated groan. When she turned to face her friends, Reese caught her arm. She glanced back at him.

“Yes, we’ll find time.”

This smile was impossible to hide and she nodded in relief. He let go just as Julia slung her arm over Mari’s shoulders. She drew Leilani with her, pulling them into a small huddle.

“What’s up?” Mari asked and popped the last of her brownie.

“You guys should come over. Tonight. I have some interesting stories to tell.”

Mari paused mid-chew before she forced herself to swallow. Reese’s gaze was steady on Julia. 

“What did you do?” Mari hissed.

“Something you’re going to be very grateful for. We meet at my place once the party’s over.”

Mari pinched the bridge of her nose even as she tried to guess at what Julia might have to share. 

“We’ll be there,” Reese promised.

Of course they would.

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