DeekodeeFrom a young age, I always heard that I loved stories. Indeed, I loved to hear them and to share them with friends. So at age 7 in Nigeria, I created a book from one of my primary school notebooks and wrote a story of a girl who loved her family and enjoyed eating spaghetti! (LOL, why spaghetti though?)

Anyway, it wasn’t long until my old notebooks were filled with short stories and novels of adventures in my imagination! The only problem was these stories were reserved for my solo enjoyment. I didn’t share them with anyone. Perhaps fear? (Who knows…)

Then with encouragement from my lovely family and friends, DeeKoDee Stories became more than just a thought. A blog launched in 2012. Finally, it was time to share my stories and my crazy imagination with the world.

So here I am, and here you are. Welcome… 🙂

My hope is that as you discover my treasure box of tales, you’ll experience the joy I get every time I read a story.