Character Alias: Dee
Age: 31 years old
I love stories; reading them, listening to them and sharing with others. I guess it just came with time that I’d want to tell my own… It’s been a wonderful journey so far.


Character Alias:  Neynie
Age: 24 years old
About Neynie: Awesome, talented, funny gal! Not just because she’s my little sister but because I enjoy reading her stories as well as writing stories with her. I hope you enjoy your stories as much as I do.
(Story: Southern Charms)
Character Alias: Barile
Age: 30 years old
About Barile: I’ve known this gal for such a long time and all those years of knowing her, she’s always loved writing and reading stories! I just had to ask her to share her stories here with me and I hope you’ll love her writing as much as I have over the years.
(Story: The Fabulous Life)
Character Alias: Bri
Age: 25 years old
About Bri: Talented writer and a sweet gal. She’s such a great friend who I’ve known for a while now and I am a fan of her work.
(Stories: Chasing Truth & Her Champion, a collab with Dee )