Collaboration by Dee and Bri © 2013


Tamar is a new student in Covington University and her afflicted past follows her to campus, causing her to be the brunt of ridicule and scorn. Dylan is the “Big Man on Campus”, most liked and admired by the student body and it helps that he is the talented quarterback for the school’s team. In a fated meeting in a mandatory CPR class, their worlds collide and everything changes. Does Dylan have what it takes to champion Tamar’s hardened heart?

Tamar Malek

Standing at 5’2” with pale blue eyes and pale freckled skin, Tamar doesn’t seem like a force to be reckoned with, but many have learned not to make conclusions about her prematurely. Born to a psychiatrist father and a counselor mother, she grew up speaking her mind and not being apologetic about it. Adopting her parents’ principles about others, Tamar tends to give people the benefit of the doubt.. Until something happened where her trusting nature of people was taken for granted. Everything changed completely. Two years away from her family, Tamar comes home guarded although her quick wit is still in place. Her worried parents reluctantly allow her to enroll in Covington University so she can pick up her life again. With the hopes to study medicine, Tamar is empowered by the time spent away from her parents and seeks to find purpose to life again.

Dylan Ramsey

Rebel, jock, bad boy; Dylan has worn all the labels and fleshed them out to perfection. His parents divorced when he was fourteen, propelling him into a period when even bad boys were reluctant to deal with him before he dragged himself out of that pit to be the man his younger sister needed in an abusive home. Forced to remain with his father due to his mother’s financial situation, sports became his outlet for frustration and helplessness as he worked toward a way of escape for him and his sister. The abuse and strain worsened when his father remarried six months later to the woman he’d cheated with. Now, six years later, Dylan is in his third year free from his father’s house on a full football scholarship at Covington University and every bit the big man on campus. Charm comes easy but only when he cares to turn it on. Girls flock to him but most find it impossible to even gain his attention. The few that have managed couldn’t keep it for any real length of time so he’s rarely seen with the same girl twice if he’s with one at all. The star quarterback is fighting for his shot in the NFL and to keep his broken family afloat all while trying to live the life of a popular student athlete.



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