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Dear Writer,

Posted on 21/04/2018

Don’t quit. Don’t stop. Don’t doubt. Your words are special. Your words are valuable. Even if it’s just for yourself, don’t stop. No matter how many readers you get, no matter how many people acknowledge you or criticize you, don’t you dare stop. There is someone  that wants to hear you. I once heard that writing is like having an accent. Well, your writing is unique and the words you pen are as important as anyone else’s.

Don’t look for accolades or view counts. Write because you enjoy it. Write because it takes away stress. Write because it’s who you are. Even if only you understand that simple truth, keep writing. The minute you stop believing you can, you won’t. Be vulnerable, be raw, be authentic. Your voice is yours and you can’t properly emulate someone else’s.

Stay true to yourself, work hard if you must and celebrate yourself even if you’re the only one doing so. Don’t chase money or fame. Don’t forget the reason why you started writing. Chase the dreams that inspire you to write. And if you must, give yourself a break. All bestselling authors began with a rough draft.

A Study of Energy and Urbanization in a West African Country

Posted on 18/02/2016

Ramblings of a Writer… about Urbanization and Energy

Dee's Cache

Sustainable Energy and Technology

For those who know me and are unfortunate to hear me speak on my beloved country, Nigeria, they’ll know exactly where this piece will go. You can probably already hear the groans and “oh-boys” among my circle of friends and loved ones. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, neither am I a public speaker or grandiose orator. I’m just a concerned daughter, born and half-raised in Lagos, Nigeria before making the United States my home.

For most of my childhood in Nigeria, I remember the intermittent, flickering light and the long stretches of dark quiet in my neighborhood. Later on, the humming incessant noise of generators filled the silence and for a while, there was a respite from the uncomfortable darkness. I’ve never been a fan of darkness, a most uncomfortable visitor whenever it comes… unannounced and staying for longer than…

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