fishingHannah smiled, looking up from the steaming yam casserole to her friend that had just stepped into the house, carrying another tray of food. “For goodness’ sake, Gene, this isn’t necessary. It’s just a little gathering.”

“There’s nothing little about my darling’s ninth birthday,” Genevieve answered jovially as she placed the food tray on the counter before rounding the corner to plant a kiss on Tomas’ forehead. He was sitting in front of the door, staring and waiting.

The two friends glanced at each other with a knowing smile. “When’s he coming in?” Genevieve asked, walking over to give Hannah a quick hug before she peered down at the casserole. “Not bad.”

“Why thank you… I learned from the best.” She glanced back at Tomas with a warm smile. “They should land in less than an hour. Traveling with nine people can be a bit tricky.”

Genevieve’s eyes widened, leaning against the counter. “All nine are coming? Wait, who does that include, by the way?”

“Everyone,” Hannah laughed incredulously, still stunned by Jonathan’s call yesterday. She’d only expected him to come down for Tomas’ birthday at his insistence, but never had she expected that the entire family would be coming down. Tampa, Marcus, their two children, Hannah and Tampa’s mother, plus Jonathan’s adoptive children… the ones she’d placed in his care more than nine years ago.

To think that Ameya had lived alone with Tomas, believing that no one cared for her, to being a matriarch of four children! The glow on Ameya’s face was undisputable. This was a woman content with her life. “You’re one lucky woman, my dear,” Genevieve said gently, beaming over her friend.

Hannah smiled, ducking her head shyly. “I am…”

“Neve called, by the way,” Genevieve said as she picked up the food tray to place it in the refrigerator. Peering over her shoulder, she smirked at the look on Hannah’s face. “Don’t you dare lose that smile. He’s fine.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I’m sure he is. He couldn’t even call me himself but sent you with the message.”

“Give him time… He lost you to your past.”

Hannah raised a brow. “To my present and my future,” she corrected, her smile returning with full force.

Genevieve threw back her head, laughing. “That’s more like it. Jonathan better not lose you this time.”

Hannah smirked audaciously, placing her hands on her hips as she turned her head to gaze at her nine-year-old son staring intently at the door, waiting for his father. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him,” she tucked back a furtive smile.

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