We have featured several sneak peeks in the past but the writers of DKDS have decided on a new tradition: SATURDAY SNEAK PEEKS!

There are so many stories that we’re itching to share with you but in order to keep the confusion of numerous stories running at the same time, we’ve limited the postings to one or two stories  at best. However, it’s so tempting to stick to one story as any writer would wholeheartedly agree… It’s even more challenging to decide which story to feature and another to hold back until it’s turn to be featured as a full story on the blog…

So to prevent the writers from losing their minds and to reassure our kind readers that we’re still coming up with new material, we’ve decided to allow one story to be featured in a short “sneak peek” every Saturday.

Thank you again for visiting our blog and encouraging us with your attention as well as your likes on our stories. You never cease to make our days brighter and more enjoyable.

Have a great day!