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Chasing Truth: Chapter 22

Posted on 21/11/2014


Yet again to Mari’s surprise, Tyler didn’t take off after she agreed to give them another shot. Instead, he turned on soft music and warmed up her dinner just as he would’ve before all of the craziness started. When the food was ready he sat down at the table with her, declining anything of his own. She just dug into her plate when he rested his arms on the table and spoke.

“I’m guessing you and your family have talked about Blake.”

“Yeah, a couple of times. We talked about it again tonight. We’re going to be meeting soon I guess.”

He shot back upright. “He’ll actually come here?”

Her fork hovered just in front of her mouth and her brow furrowed. “That’s what I’m understanding. Raoul didn’t say anything about me going to him.”

He looked at her, but when she said nothing else he shook his head. “I guessed he would’ve had you brought to him. I didn’t think he would come to you.”

His words reminded her he knew far more about her father than she did.


“It would’ve been safer for him that way. Less risky. He has enemies and him being outside of his usual areas is a vulnerability. When is he coming?”

“I don’t know yet. Raoul is handling all of that. He’ll let me know when everything is sorted. I should have at least a day’s warning.”

“You’ll let me know when you find out?”

She hesitated and set her fork down to give him her complete focus. “On one condition.”

Tension lined his shoulders as he met her eyes. “Are we going to have conditions on everything now?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I was asking a question.”

“No,” she gritted out. “But if we’re going to do this, we’re doing it together and that means there’s going to be times when you need to take into consideration what I need and want.”

“What’s the condition?”

The lack of agreement planted a seed of unease within her and she didn’t tear her eyes from him as she made her condition known.

“I want to meet him alone the first time. You’ll have plenty of time to do whatever. I want that first meeting for me. Just me and him.”

“I can give you that.”

Relief stole through her. “Good.”

“But you’ll still let me know when he’s coming.”

“I can give you that,” she returned.

They both went quiet and Mari focused on her dinner until Tyler stood to his feet. She looked up and found him staring down at her.

“We lost something when you found out the truth. We’re going to get it back. Not tonight, but we’ll get it back.”

She wasn’t so sure, but rather than voice that she just swallowed her food and nodded. He leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“I’m going to clear out. What time’s your last tour tomorrow?”


“I’ll see you after work then.”

“Okay.” She paused, searching for the right thing to say. Tyler was right. They’d lost the easiness of their relationship. “Goodnight.”

“Don’t forget to lock up,” he added before he walked out the door.

She sighed as she finished up her dinner. She thought she finally had a plan, but tonight with Tyler showed her it wasn’t going to be as easy or smooth as she once predicted. Knocking interrupted her thoughts a few minutes later. Assuming it was Tyler forgetting something, she tossed her plate and answered the door to find Gage there. Her uncle. The truth still rattled her every time she saw him. All these years the connection to her father was right in front of her teaching her how to fish, introducing her to the world through stories of his many adventures, and helping her navigate the tricky waters of teenage years.

“I saw Tyler head out,” he explained with a small smile. “Do you mind if I come in for a few minutes?”

Shaking her head, she pulled the door open wider and turned to let him follow her into the house.

“You two fixed whatever the problem was?” he asked sinking down onto the couch.

“There wasn’t a problem to fix. I’ve just been busy so it’s been harder for us to get together like we used to.”

The lie didn’t sit well. She’d never had a reason to lie. Not to Gage. Sure as a child she’d told Raoul a few to stay out of trouble or sometimes, to go get into trouble, but not since high school had that been an issue. She wondered just how much playing Tyler’s game was going to cost her.

The knowing look in Gage’s eyes was all too clear. “To hear everybody tell it, busy didn’t stop you two from getting together before. So again, you two fixed whatever the problem was?”

She settled into the armchair across from him and laughed. “Sometimes I forget how well you know me. We talked and got some things sorted out. The only thing we can do now is see how it goes from here. We’re good for now.”

“You really like him.”

She drew in a deep fortifying breath. Blake hadn’t arrived yet, but they were already on stage. Still, Gage knew her and that meant the closer she stuck to the truth the better things would go.

“He’s…different from anyone I’ve ever dealt with. Sometimes I can’t imagine anyone better than him. Other times I tell myself to slow down and not get carried away. Time tells you a lot about a person, the things they can’t hide. We need more time under our belt. I know you and Raoul worry.” With good reason, she added to herself. “Still I want to see where it goes. I don’t want to look back later and have regrets.”

He was silent for a minute before he leaned in. “That’s your decision, Ellie. I wouldn’t take that from you. I want you happy and if he’s part of that happiness then okay. If not, you know I’m obligated to break his neck.”

She smiled at the threat Gage gave ever since she was old enough to be interested in boys. “I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good. Make sure he knows it too.” He shifted on the couch. “Raoul talked to your father.”

Her breath caught and she released it slowly. “And?”

“He’d be here tonight if you let him, but we agreed to Friday.”

Friday. In less than two days she would meet the man Miranda loved until death, the man who fathered her. She would finally meet Blake Mason.


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Chasing Truth: Chapter 15

Posted on 26/09/2014


Mari waved goodbye to her last group of the day and walked into the back to put away the fishing poles and bait boxes. A few minutes later she returned and leaned against the counter beside Jeremy.

“Always a nice group to end the day with. Nothing too tiring.”

“You’re really good with…everyone, heck. I haven’t seen you get flustered with anybody,” Jeremy said.

She laughed it off. “I’ve been dealing with people like this my whole life. You learn stuff.”

The shop door swung open and Gage strode in with a wide grin on his face.

It was contagious and Mari immediately mimicked it.

“Hey Gage.”

“Hey Ellie Girl. Are you done for the day?”

“Yeah, just finished up with a fishing trip.”

“Then come have some fun with me.”

She rounded the counter with a smile. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

“You still have a thing for those slushies around the corner?”

“You don’t forget a thing.”

“Not about my best girl.”

She leaned into him as they walked out of the store and up the sandy concrete.

“Raoul mentioned you were thinking about trying to find your father.”

She sighed. First Tyler and now Gage. Who knew how many people had heard about it by now?

“I told Papa it was a passing thought and that I decided against it. He’s still worried about it?”

“No, not worried. A couple of years ago he would’ve been. Now I think he just wants to know if he needs to be prepared for it.”

“I told him no. I don’t have anywhere to start and things are busy enough here as it is. Besides, he probably knows I exist and yet he hasn’t shown his face once. What’s the point?”

“Closure’s rarely a bad thing.”

“Well consider it closed. Tell him that, will you? And make him understand it this time.”

His lips twitched in a weak smile as he held the door open to the smoothie shop. Minutes later they strolled back down the street, Mari sipping at her grape and cherry slushy as they went. They turned for the beach when Mari broke into a wide grin. Tyler walked up the road toward them.

She looped her arms around his neck the second he reached them and he dipped his head to kiss her cheek.

“Hey sweetheart. Who’s this?”

She barely resisted nestling in, but managed to pull back enough to look between Gage and Tyler.

“Gage, this is my boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler, my uncle Gage.”

Gage extended his hand. “I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”

“All good things hopefully.” Tyler smiled as he returned the handshake. “I’m sure she’s glad to have you in town. Staying long?”

“I’d like to stick around for a while.”

“That’s good to hear. We can grab something to eat together sometime. Just don’t let her talk you into hiking Cocano.”

She laughed and elbowed him. He grinned as he dodged her, pulling his phone from his pocket as the screen lit up.

“Excuse me for a second. I need to take this.”

He stepped away from them with an apologetic smile to take the call. She cocked her head, wondering just who was on the line. He never spent too much time with anyone else on the island. She shook those thoughts from her head. Todd and now Raoul were making her paranoid. She scraped at the slushy with her straw and nudged Gage.

“So what do you think? Uncle senses tingling?”

He chuckled. “He worked security you said? You know Raoul and I just want you to be safe. Those private security guys can be…trouble. Look at how he carries himself. Trouble, Ellie. You don’t need trouble.”

“Come on, Gage. We’re in Sakina. Whatever he did with security wasn’t here. There’s no trouble.”

“Don’t ‘come on, Gage’ me. You know we’re going to look out for our number one girl and that means we’re never going to think some knucklehead is good enough for you.”

“As long as I think he’s good enough for me, shouldn’t that be all that matters?”

“Sorry, but no.”

She rolled her eyes, letting the subject drop when Tyler walked back toward them.

“Sorry about that. A friend from back home.”

“Where are you from?” Gage asked curiously.

“Texas. Austin.”

“That’s a change. Mari tells me you used to work security too. Must be hard to get used to a slower pace.”

Tyler smiled. “I needed the change. Then again, with Mari there’s not too much slow. We keep pretty active, busy.”

Gage’s smile was short lived. “She’s good, but that’s a whole different pace. Man like you changes the pace and it’s one of two things. You running from trouble or bringing it?”

“Gage!” Mari hissed.

“No, it’s okay sweetheart.” The two were staring each other down. “No trouble coming or going, Gage. I met a few guys who fit that mold. I’m not one of ‘em. I’ve had it hard all my life. I found a way of life that’s easier and I want to keep it.”

Gage dipped his head in a nod. “Fair enough. Just how long are you planning to hang around?”

Tyler softened and his eyes drifted to Mari. “The foreseeable future. I found something worth hanging around for.”

Gage watched Mari flush and sighed. Raoul was right. The girl was already half in love Tyler Ross.


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